Silkan offers aircraft simulation solutions that improve the efficiency of the crew training therefore contributing to a higher level of operational safety.


  • staRPASs product line for drones (RPAS/UAS) operators training.
  • Covering crew training – pilot and Paylod Operator
  • Modular and Scalable
  • STANAG compliant (4609, 4545, 4607)
  • High potential of customization
  • Proven Network and Interoperable capability.

SILKAN is able to design specific training solutions based on customer requests with specific needs (Military, Mission Training, Distributed Mission Training). These solutions may benefit from the various assets and technological components already available within Silkan or issued from current research the company is involved in. This range of solution may also extend to system dedicated to design and validation or real aircraft by combining real components and virtual environment on systems integration test bench (“Iron Bird” concept).

Targeted domains

Drones (RPAS/UAS), Helicopters and Airplane; from ab-initio to complex mission training, from individual to crew training. Major stakes in these domains are:

  • The development of the RPAS market and the increasing needs for solutions fitting the specific operational requirements of these new airborne platforms for both established military and emerging civil operations.
  • The increasing complexity of military operations becoming network centric and requiring means for collective training solution and combined operation rehearsal.
  • The increasing level of cockpit automation now touching helicopters and general aviation and the need for affordable training solutions to better prepare the crews and maintain their proficiency
  • The Emerging new concepts of training based on competencies and a wider range of less complex training means, not only focusing on “Full Flight” Simulators
  • The need to increase the overall aviation safety level for which the crew training remains the critical area of improvement and the need for more affordable access to simulators.
  • The reduction of the environmental footprint of training operations


Flight Training Devices (FSTD):
Silkan is maintaining a sharp knowledge of the regulatory framework that rules the aircrew licensing and air operations and more specifically the crew training and the Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTD). Silkan is actively participating in most of the International Working groups for Airplane and Helicopters and is following very closely the progress of the regulation in the RPAS domain. Silkan may offer expertise and consulting on FSTD design and qualification.

Silkan is member of the Federation Professionnelle du Drone Civil (FPDC) a national professional organization grouping the actors (manufacturers, operators, users…) of this fast developing branch of activities. Silkan is acting in the Training working group of the federation.

Silkan benefits from a unique expertise regarding Helicopter Flight Simulation Training Devices. Moreover Silkan is a proud member of the European Helicopter Safety Implementation Team (EHSIT) participating in both Training and Technological Teams (now part of European Safety Promotion Network Rotorcraft (ESPN-R))